Dos and Dont’s of Cleaning Wooden Laminate Sheets

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Oct, 11 2022

When we talk about wooden laminates, they have a wide array of applications from furniture to flooring. They are a kind of must-have today, to give your interiors a sophisticated look that will make your home feel like a dream place.

 They are a preferred choice of designers and decorators as well for these decorativelaminate sheets are economical and durable, resistant to heat and stain. But if not taken care of, wood laminate sheets can wear and tear. When it comes to cleaning wooden laminates, you must keep in mind certain guidelines to protect their aesthetic beauty and ensure their longevity. Without any further delay, let’s take a look at the dos and don’t’s of cleaning wooden laminate surfaces.


Do’s of Cleaning Wooden Laminates


1. Use a damp microfiber mop

Unlike any other surface, to keep the wooden laminate surfaces clean, ensure to mop them at least once every two months. You can use a damp microfiber mop that is soft and gentle enough to not damage or scratch the laminate surface. Try avoiding wet cleaning cloth at all times.


2. Use a soft cloth for regular dusting

If your space with wood laminates is prone to dust, your wood laminate surfaces are sure to trap a lot of dust and dirt particles over time. This calls for the need for regular dusting, for which you need to use a soft cloth. If you end up using hard fibres clothes, it can lead to scratches on the surface, eventually degrading the aesthetic appeal of the laminates.


3. Keep grease away from the surface

Make it a rule to always avoid oil-based cleaners, polishes, or wax on your laminate surfaces. It is majorly because oil-based cleaning agents can leave residue or streaks and damage the protective sealant of laminate sheets. We advise you to use a mop with specialized laminate cleaners.


Don’ts of Cleaning Wooden Laminates


1. Don’t use too much water

If you want wood laminate surfaces to last long and stay damage-free, you need to avoid traditional mopping processes. Never use too much water for cleaning that can lead to swelling or bubbling of laminates resulting in stains or fading. Too much water will remove the protective wear layer of the laminate flooring.


2. Avoid using abrasive cleaning tools

Laminate surfaces are prone to scratches and so you must prevent the use of any abrasive cleaning tools like steel. To sweep off the debris, use a dust mop or soft-bristle broom. If you prefer vacuuming, ensure to use an attachment without a rotating brush, as it can scratch the surface.


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