7 Exquisite Sunmica Color Blends to Elevate Your Home Interiors in 2023

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Sep, 13 2023

Sunmica, a decorative laminate sheet applied to furniture surfaces, is crafted by combining resins with layers of paper. This laminated finish is utilized on various materials like wood and MDF.


Sunmica Color Combination 1: Radiant Yellow and Soft White Sunmica 

A fusion of vibrant yellow and serene white Sunmica creates a lively ambiance. Infuse your kitchen with energy using invigorating yellow decorative laminate sheets alongside gentle white tones. For a cautious approach to yellow, employ it as a broad central stripe on white Sunmica kitchen cabinets. In smaller kitchens, a majority of white cabinets with a touch of yellow can work well. To captivate attention, utilize bright shades of yellow like canary yellow for the backsplash, forming a striking focal point.


Sunmica Color Combination 2: Wooden Sunmica Hue with White Blend Light-toned Sunmica imparts an expansive sensation to kitchens. Opt for pale wooden-hued Sunmica combined with white. Whether it's teak, walnut, or oak, any shade of wooden Sunmica pairs beautifully with white. This blend bestows a harmonious and elegant touch to your kitchen. Extend white paint to the walls and complement the space with wooden elements such as cutting boards, earthy herb pots, cane fruit baskets, and wooden stools.


Sunmica Color Combination 3: Red and Grey Harmony in Sunmica Grey

A versatile neutral, harmonizes splendidly with red in kitchen Sunmica applications. Choose a red shade that aligns with your kitchen's style. Opt for rose red for contemporary vibes or deep wine-red for a traditional look. Enhance the kitchen with decorative light fixtures and ornamental metal handles. Introduce darker grey tones and red-hued tiles to enhance the kitchen's visual appeal.


Sunmica Color Combination 4: Granite-Inspired Sunmica with Matching Countertops

 Modern Sunmica designs closely resemble genuine granite stones. Embrace colors like black, grey, and green, and pair them with plain Sunmica options. These granite-inspired Sunmica cabinets harmonize well with granite countertops. Create contrast by choosing white granite Sunmica from the best laminatesuppliers alongside a black granite kitchen platform. For brown granite-like Sunmica, consider cream combinations or subtle hints of orange. Elevate the kitchen's allure with warm lighting accents.


Sunmica Color Combination 5: Timeless Black and White Sunmica Blend

 The classic pairing of black and white is a perennial favorite for kitchen Sunmica designs. This combination suits traditional, country-style, and contemporary kitchens alike. White cabinets reflect light, making them ideal for smaller kitchens. Opt for white Sunmica on upper cabinets and black Sunmica on lower cabinets. Open shelving also complements black and white kitchen aesthetics. For a touch of luxury, choose white or black granite countertops.

Sunmica Color Harmony for Wardrobes


Sunmica Color Combination 6: Earthy Browns and Beige Elegance Neutral-toned Sunmica exudes a soothing charm. In predominantly white or neutral-toned bedrooms, opt for a two-tone blend of beige and wood Sunmica for wardrobes. Light hues amplify the sense of space. Experiment with a chequered pattern of earthy brown and beige for a playful wardrobe design. Incorporate textured pale brown wood grain for added visual interest to an otherwise plain off-white wardrobe. Introduce varying shades of brown for depth and character, extending the same palette to the bedside table and dresser.


Sunmica Sheet Tones for Bedrooms 7: White and Red Accents

 In an ivory white bedroom, introduce a refined touch with pristine white and matte red Sunmica wardrobes. Use crimson red Sunmica to outline the edges of glossy white wardrobes and introduce bursts of bright cherry hue through a luxurious red bed. Large white pillows and cushions in contrasting red shades on a white bed enhance the elegance of the white bedroom.


The realm of sunmica color combinations presents a realm of boundless prospects for fashioning a home interior that exudes warmth and hospitality. Through the harmonious merging of diverse sunmica hues from the best laminate manufacturers in India, you have the ability to forge a unified and visually pleasing ambiance for your furnishings, cabinetry, or wall surfaces. Ranging from audaciously vibrant to invitingly snug, there exists a sunmica color amalgamation tailored to each individual style and preference.

Be it a makeover for your kitchen cabinets, a refresh for your bedroom's furniture, or a transformation for your living room walls, sunmica color combinations stand ready to assist you in attaining the impeccable ambiance for your home's inner sanctum. Don't hesitate to embark on an exploration with these captivating sunmica color pairings, as they pave the way for you to actualize the dwelling you've envisioned in your dreams!st