Embrace the beauty of Nature with textured STAR LAMINATES

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Sep, 07 2021

It is important to follow proper space management tips in modern flats and apartments in India because they are typically smaller. This will prevent your rooms from looking unkempt and cluttered. Wardrobes are prominent items in the bedroom, so they can be selected in a way that takes advantage of space to achieve the desired results. For a classier appearance in your bedroom, you can also use laminate for wardrobes, furniture and other items. Take a quick look of our choicest classy wardrobe designs in 0.8mm collection inspired by the patterns from natural wood and add a classy look to your bedrooms. 

9413 SCW&9110 SCW

Choose an elegant look without sacrificing functionality. The brushed finish and classic reflective design bring out your kitchen's charm. 

9402 SCW

Natural patterns are effortlessly attractive and they add appeal to any space. Be it kitchen or office, these can add charm to any space instantly. 

9400 SHG

Elegant flamboyance glows from dexterity defined to perfection. Inspired from the beauty of nature, these laminates are a visual treat to behold.

9145 SHG

Experience the transformative power of a charismatic texture reign of a mundane range into a fastidious line that is both exotic and contemporary.

It is imperative to maximize every square inch of space when decorating small rooms. The furniture you choose and the way it is designed should allow you to save space while resulting in a neat and ordered room. STAR Laminates being the leading laminate manufacturer in Yamuna Nagar brings you a grand range that is Durable, Dust/Scratch Resistant, and Easy to Clean.

You can always add laminates from STAR LAMINATE's grand collection to your bedroom furniture to add a touch of style and class. To know more about our collection of designer laminates for the bedroom, you can download the complete catalog from our website OR speak to our team of experts.