Everything You Need to Know About Low and High Quality Laminates

pubslished on
Feb, 02 2023

The phrase "you get what you pay for" applies to floor coverings, as investing in a high-quality fetches more durable and visually appealing floor. High-quality laminate flooring has multiple layers of timber, wax, and sealant using a time-consuming process, resulting in a product that resembles natural timber. In contrast, low-quality laminate has repetitive patterns and fake colors that may contain harmful substances used in manufacturing. To ensure a good-quality product, inspect the flooring closely for seamless locking, a thickness of 8mm or more, a pattern repeat of 1 in 20 boards or higher, digital printing, small micro bevels, slip resistance, and an AC rating. Good-quality decorative laminate sheets also last long and are environmentally friendly, while low-quality laminates usually use less sustainable materials and emit fumes that harm health.

When searching for a good quality laminate flooring product, here are some key things to consider as suggested by laminates sheets manufacturers.

· Ask for a sample and examine it closely. Look if you can check for sample installation displayed on larger surfaces. Check for a seamless lock, flat surface, and precision-machined edges. High-quality laminates always seamlessly lock and create a flat surface.

· Check laminates thickness. Look for laminate sheets that are 8mm or thicker for better stability and avoid joint issues

· Opt for higher quality laminates with fewer pattern repeats for a more natural look. (1 in 20 boards or more)

· Choose laminates with digital printing and up to 7 print colors for greater realism because high-quality laminate floors always look and feel just like the real thing

· Micro bevels that are pressed into the groove enhance durability and make the laminate resistant to water and easy to clean.

· Select a laminate with a slip resistance standard of EN 13893 and an anti-static rating of EN14041.

· Check for durability, repairability, and resistance to damage from pets and unwanted fading from sunlight. Always look at the AC rating and the availability of repair kits while making purchasing decision.

· Consider environmental accreditations and approvals when making a purchasing decision. Laminates made using sustainable materials and without harsh chemicals that could emit fumes make a wise choice. Opt for materials that are safe for your health and the environment.


Some of the top benefits of Star Laminates Company in India top-notch quality laminates are:

1. Easy to Install- Our laminates fit together flawlessly and seamlessly resulting in a clean and smooth finish.

2. Eco-friendly – Our products are made from sustainably managed forests and meets environmental standards.

3. Improved air quality – These laminates have low emissions and VOC ratings, offering better indoor air quality for your home or business.

4. Natural look – The laminate flooring offers a warm and natural appearance through a variety of wood finishes that are designed to look and feel like real wood. Thus, you can enjoy the outdoors in your interiors with Star Laminates.

5. Long-lasting durability – Unlike cheap laminates that can wear out quickly, high-quality laminate flooring can last for many years, with warranty.


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