Exploring India's First 0.8mm Ultra 360° view catalogue

pubslished on
Dec, 08 2022

Laminates are a durable surfacing material used in both commercial and residential spaces and are available in a plethora of multiple textures, patterns, colors, and designs. When choosing the laminates for your place, various factors need to be considered including durability, low maintenance, applications, etc. but out of all the most important remains the aesthetic appeal. 

One such laminates brand is Star Laminates- the best Laminates company in India offering a range of captivating designs to mark opulence and glory. They offer a wide range of laminates- shiny, matt, textured, etc., but now they have introduced India's First 0.8mm Ultra 360° view catalogue. 

Exploring this 0.8mm Ultra 360° view catalogue is super easy. All you need to do is to scan the scanner and you can take a 360° view of how a particular laminate will look in a particular space from your living room with maximum guests and footfall to your bedroom which requires looking calm and tranquil. 

Let’s take a closer look at the catalogue and discuss a few of the laminates collection offered.

Reflection of Nature

Who doesn’t like to infuse some greenery in their indoors? Certainly, all of us want that to add some fresh and calming vibes to the area. At times, bringing real plants isn’t possible for one and all because of the high maintenance, in such cases, nature-inspired laminates can help. Nature inspires laminates are sure to transform any place into a masterpiece, they are used at.

The Gleam of Glamour

If you are someone who wishes to give your spaces a luxe appeal then using laminates that look like marbles and granites make a perfect pick. Choose the perfect colour you wish to choose as per your existing interiors and then use them on your almirahs, kitchen and bathroom slabs, etc. They are sure to brighten up any space with their spectacular vibrancy.

Beauty of Wood

At times, you might not wish to use wood in your spaces but desire to give a wooden finish. In such cases, these laminates can come to the rescue. They’ll give a cutting-edge look to your space.


Wish to give any space a distinctive look? Try the stencils range of laminates and take a closer look at the laminates offering an irresistible pattern, texture, and colour play. The versatile range and the burst of colours will offer bliss of the highest order. 


The range is just never-ending. Laminate distributor in India, Star laminates offers something or the other for all. It’s time that you explore the .8mm Ultra 360° view catalogue, and choose your perfect decorative laminate sheets after careful consideration and glam up your home.