Know More about Matte Finish Laminates

pubslished on
Dec, 05 2022

Getting yourself a new cabinet? Once you’ve chosen the right colour, size, style, and handle types for your cabinet, the final question that still remains is what texture or finish you want. You can choose from various options- gloss, shiny, matt, super gloss, etc. The kind of finish you choose from Laminates Suppliers is completely a personal choice and also depends on the existing interior of your space. Whatever you chose, will make a huge impact on the space. Let’s take a look to know about matte laminates by Star Laminates and know about some of their benefits.

What Is Matte Finish Laminate?

Matte finish laminates are sober at the surface and as the name says a lot, these finishes won’t reflect light. They appear smoother than gloss finish cabinets. If your kitchen or room is traditionally styled, matte cabinets will definitely look decent with plain fronts. 

They offer additional benefits in comparison to glossy finishes. Matte laminate surfaces are anti-fingerprints, i.e., there wouldn’t be any fingerprints retained on the surface. They are resistant to scratches, making them less destructive as compared to glossy finishes. Furthermore, the colour of matte finish cabinets is rich in consistency as they won’t reflect any light to make specific areas look brighter or darker than others. 

Not just that, matte-finished laminates also offer a more muted look and depending on the customer’s requirements, won’t be able to make a room seem bigger than it really is.

Applications of Matt Laminates

  • It can withstand scratches, and wear more efficiently. They show scratches easily and get scuffed by excessive use
  • If you want a modern, sophisticated look, then matte laminates are a perfect pick to leave a lasting impression
  • Matte laminates come in various soothing color tones

Reason to Use Matte Finish Laminates

  • Offer enhanced durability
  • More capacity to sustain daily use
  • Offer lasting damage protection
  • Protection from accidental and unwanted dents, fingerprints, liquid spills, stains, smudges, grease, dirt, grime, and much more
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Improved appearance offering a more decent and professional look to the cabinets
  • Affordable and finely priced, which ultimately saves money by extending the life of print pieces and avoiding the need to reprint damaged ones
  • Completely anti-fingerprint, making it a low-maintenance choice, especially with children or pets around because then it requires regular cleaning


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