Reasons to Opt for Chemical Resistant Laminate for Lab Countertops?

pubslished on
Jun, 13 2023

When it comes to designing laboratory spaces, selecting the right materials is crucial for functionality and safety. While laminates offer both aesthetics and utility in residential settings, it's important to choose appropriate materials for laboratory environments. That's why experts in interior design recommend opting for the best Laminate suppliers who offer Chemical Resistant Laminates, engineered specifically to withstand harsh chemicals.

What Are Chemical Resistant Laminates?

Chemical Resistant Laminates are Performance Laminates created using a specialized grade of d├ęcor paper and Kraft paper that is impregnated with modified Melamine/Phenol Formaldehyde resin. This unique construction provides added protection in highly chemical-prone environments. Top Laminate manufacturers in India offer exceptional resistance against strong chemicals like acids, alkalis, corrosive salts, and other staining substances, all while maintaining a stylish appearance. These laminates can be applied to various surfaces, including sinks, countertops, lab benches, work surfaces, cabinets, casework fronts, wall panels, and more in chemical laboratories, pathogen labs, photographic labs, nursing stations, and other similar settings.


Properties of Chemical Resistant Laminates

Chemically treated laminates used for lab countertops exhibit exceptional impact resistance and performance in the face of harsh chemical solutions. They offer versatile applications and are well-suited for chemical, analytical, microbiological, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and educational laboratories. These lab-grade laminates are non-porous and possess antibacterial properties. With high durability, they provide excellent abrasion and scratch resistance. Available in a range of colors, our Chemical Resistant Laminates are cost-effective and can easily fit into any budget.

Reasons to Use Chemical Resistant Laminate for Lab Countertops

  • Chemical Resistance: These Laminates are specially treated with an EB cured layer, making them highly resistant to all types of chemicals and minimizing the risk of damage.
  • Abrasion Resistance: The laminates exhibit remarkable resistance to abrasion, making them suitable for surfaces that hold tools, glassware, and other laboratory equipment.
  • Extra Durability: Infused with superior chemical and physical properties, Chemically-treated Laminates are highly durable and recommended for areas involving the handling, storage, and disposal of chemicals.
  • Scratch Resistance: Such laminates offer higher scratch resistance than other products and laminates available.
  • Low Maintenance: They require minimal maintenance and care. Prompt cleaning is strongly advised in case of chemical spills. Additionally, direct contact with hot objects or liquids should be avoided on decorative surfaces for extended periods.

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