Tips to Consider While Choosing The Right Laminates for Home

pubslished on
Jul, 26 2023

Choosing the right laminates for your home involves considering several factors, such as usage, budget, and décor theme. By taking these aspects into account, you can make an informed decision that meets your requirements. In this article, we will elaborate on each factor to help you understand how to select the most suitable laminates.

Based on Usage

When it comes to usage, it's important to assess the specific areas where laminates will be installed. For instance, in the kitchen, high gloss or textured laminates may appear stylish but require high maintenance as they tend to show fingerprints and stains easily. In contrast, matte laminates are easier to clean and do not display dirt as prominently. For frequently touched surfaces, darker shades of matte laminates are recommended due to their ability to conceal smudges. On the other hand, lighter-colored laminates with high gloss finishes can be used in areas that are less frequently used, adding a touch of elegance.

Based on Your Budget

Consider your budget when selecting laminates. Decorativelaminates offer a cost-effective alternative to natural materials like marble or solid wood, providing high-quality looks at a fraction of the cost. While they may not replicate the exact aesthetics of the natural materials, textured wood-finish laminates can closely resemble them, with the only distinguishing factor being the repeated patterns in the grain.

Based on Your Décor Theme

Another crucial aspect to consider is your décor theme. High gloss laminates compliment sleek and contemporary décor styles, enhancing their modern appeal. Meanwhile, traditional patterns and prints can add interest to abstract or eclectic décor themes. To achieve a two-toned effect that is popular in kitchens, you can mix and match solid colours with wood grains. When selecting laminate colours and finishes, keep in mind that light colours create an illusion of spaciousness in compact areas, while darker shades can make a room appear more enclosed.


To ensure you make the right choice, it is advisable to request a catalogue that includes small samples of the laminates. Printed designs alone may not accurately represent the actual finishes and textures of the laminate surface. By examining physical samples, you can avoid using large quantities of laminate in a colour that doesn't align with your preferences.


If you require further assistance with your home interiors, Star Laminates offers support in refurbishing your home or creating brand-new interior spaces. You can explore their laminate designs for inspiration to create the interiors of your dreams.


By carefully considering usage, budget, and décor theme, you can confidently select the right laminates that fulfill your functional needs and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces.