This New Year Give Home New Looks with Laminate Sheets

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Jan, 05 2023

It's finally 2023 and now if you plan to renovate your home and give your home decor a new update, then consider investing in new laminate sheets. Star Laminates offer an eclectic range of laminates and there are a plethora of ways that you can use to take a few steps closer to getting your dream home this year. To kickstart your laminate journey with Star Laminates suppliers, take a look at some of our inspiration ideas that are sure to make things a little easier for you.

Don’t Stick To One

Adding a touch of personalization is always crucial. It's time that you beautify the wall behind the sofa with your favourite colours makes your living room stand out. Rather than going for a colourful artwork, opt for functionality and display with shelves and you can make it interesting by playing around with different coloured laminates. It will be a great idea to use darker tones that accent into this neutral palette. These laminates will help to make an eye-catching focal point out of the empty canvas right behind your sofa.

Welcome The Darkness

The idea of dark walls may seem a little intimidating but stay assured that they are sure to make your space more intimate and cozy. Making use of sheeny-shiny decorative laminate sheets is a gorgeous way to coordinate with your existing dark furniture while making the space look visually bigger. Finally, the accent lighting adds an interesting touch to the feature wall while reflecting the light that falls on it.

Perfect Pop Of Contrast

Entering your personal study space, it is nice to see a colour that energizes you the moment you step in. The bright pop of colours won't just brighten up the room but will also liven the otherwise neutral palette. If you are unsure which colours would look good then opt for coloured ones or either stick to black and white as a safe option to use. They'll definitely help you achieve the right level of balance beautifully. Together, this pairing of calming and invigorating colours will be a perfect combination for concentrating on work.

Feel Totally At Ease

Wish to make your bedroom environment more comfortable? For instant coziness, use the extra space beside your bed to make it more inviting. It's time to install ceiling-to-floor shelves that offer elegant lines running down their surface, to enhance the comfort level of the bedroom. 

Celebrate New Year With Star Laminates

Now, that you are aware of how you can spruce up your home, especially the bedroom area, to the fullest using laminates, are you ready to make a trip to our laminate gallery? This New Year, give your home a new update with Star Laminates- Top laminate manufacturers in India and get your hands on a variety of decorative laminate sheets to spruce it up a little more to celebrate the beginning of another chapter.