Top 10 Compelling Reasons to Choose Laminates Instead of Paints

pubslished on
Jun, 16 2023

When contemplating home renovations, the go-to option for homeowners has long been paints. Homeowners find paints inexpensive and easy choice for refreshing living spaces. However, the rising popularity of laminates, often referred to as 'mica' sheets, has significantly shifted the traditional preference for paints in home remodeling. Homeowners now find themselves gravitating towards laminates for numerous good reasons. Laminatesuppliers help us delve into why you should embrace the exciting choice of purchasing laminates and bid farewell to mundane paints forever.

  1. Effortless Installation: Painting can be an extremely time-consuming process, potentially taking several weeks to complete an entire home. On the other hand, installing laminates is a much quicker and less labor-intensive process.
  2. Easy Maintenance: Painted surfaces can be challenging to maintain, requiring regular cleaning and occasional repainting. Conversely, laminates offer a low-maintenance alternative. Simple and gentle cleaning, along with regular dusting, will effortlessly keep your surfaces spotless and hygienic.
  3. Scratch and Scuff Resistance: Laminates are designed to withstand scratches, scuffs, and scrapes. Crafted from robust processed materials, they can endure significant impact, making them highly durable.
  4. Extensive Variety: While paints now come in a wide array of colors, they pale in comparison to the versatility offered by laminates. Laminates are available in a myriad of colors, designs, patterns, and finishes, allowing you to choose from an abundant selection.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal: Homeowners nowadays prioritize the aesthetic value of their living spaces more than ever. Laminates should be your top choice, as they provide a unique combination of beauty and functionality, elevating the overall visual appeal of your home.
  6. Longevity: Laminates consist of layers of kraft paper, resins, and decorative papers, topped with a durable clear layer. This high-pressure bonding process creates a tough, enduring, and long-lasting material. Laminates surpass paints in terms of durability.
  7. Health Considerations: Prolonged exposure to paint and paint fumes can cause discomfort and allergic reactions in some individuals, resulting in congested noses, irritability, and blisters. Considering that painting can be a time-consuming procedure, installing laminates poses no known health risks or adverse effects.
  8. Insulation Properties: Laminates, when installed on walls, act as an additional layer of insulation. When you get quality laminates from the top laminate manufacturers in India, they resist moisture and heat absorption, helping to maintain indoor temperatures and reducing energy consumption.
  9. Long-Term Value: While paints may initially seem like a cost-effective option, they require frequent touch-ups and maintenance. On the contrary, laminates are affordable, easy to care for, and remain in pristine condition for a prolonged period, ultimately offsetting the higher initial cost.
  10. Versatile Applications: Paints have limited applications and can only be used in specific ways. In contrast, laminates offer boundless possibilities. Whether remodeling interiors or considering various elements such as walls, furniture, doors, or cabinetry, laminates present a myriad of choices to suit your preferences.

When comparing paints and laminates, the latter emerges as the clear winner. If planing to get your home renovated, and looking for some top-quality interior solutions get in touch with the top laminates distributor in India, Star Laminates, today.