Top Ways to Ensure Your Door Skin Stays Always New

pubslished on
May, 20 2023

Choosing the right door skin design is of utmost importance when undertaking a commercial or residential renovation project. Premium door skins often come with high maintenance costs, making it essential to properly clean and maintain them even after installation. Regular maintenance is necessary to prevent wear and tear that can lead to damage. Door skin manufacturers inform you some most efficient and simple ways to keep door skins looking as good as new.

Avoid using abrasive agents

Using abrasive cleaning agents such as black soap, scouring pads, powders, or other cleaning products with strong alkaline or acid bases should be avoided. These agents can cause significant damage to the surface of the door skin. It's important to choose cleaning agents that are gentle on the material to ensure the door skin's longevity.

Use mild cleaners for tough stains

 Chemical substances can be harmful to the laminate surface if exposed for prolonged periods. It is crucial to avoid excessive use of strong cleaning agents. For tough stains, it is recommended to use a wet cloth and clean the surface until no water droplets remain, or opt for a mild cleaner. However, even with mild cleaners, it is advisable not to use them regularly. Instead, organic solvents or non-scratch liquid cleaners are highly recommended for effectively removing tough stains from the door skin surface.

Regularly wipe the surface

 One of the easiest ways to maintain door skins is by regularly wiping the surface. This simple maintenance task does not damage the laminate surface and prevents the buildup of stains. It is recommended to clean the door skin at least twice a week using a soft, lint-free cloth. By incorporating this practice into your cleaning routine, you can ensure that your door skin remains in pristine condition.

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight

Sunlight contains UV rays that can cause the shine of the door skin surface to fade over time. To prevent this, it is important to minimize the door laminates' direct contact with sunlight. Using curtains or blinds can serve as a protective barrier and shield the door skins from prolonged exposure to sunlight. This precaution will help maintain the door skin's original appearance and prevent premature discoloration.

By following these simple maintenance tips, as per the top laminate distributors in India, your door skins are sure to stay in excellent condition. Avoiding abrasive agents, using mild cleaners for tough stains, regularly wiping the surface, and preventing prolonged exposure to sunlight are all effective measures to ensure the longevity and visual appeal of your door skins. With proper care and attention, your door skins will retain their beauty and functionality for years to come.