Transform your bedroom with Decorative Laminate Sheets

pubslished on
Jun, 11 2021

Laminates play a significant role in home décor and are used for the furniture, cabinets, walls, ceilings, facades, doors, pergolas, and more. Easy to install and maintain, they also make the surface resistant to dust, scratch, abrasion, and shock. Laminate sheets help you achieve desired results for your space as they are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. STAR LAMINATE gives you the most exclusive and newest designs. Each product is high in quality and also economical at the same time. 


Furnishing the bedroom is a big endeavor and people spend a hefty amount to give their personal space a modern look. It is immensely important that the texture of the laminate is in coordination with the rest of the room décor to achieve the best results. These are the 4 most popular and trendy decorative laminates that are dominating the market today: 

1. Metallic for lustrous & contemporary look

A bold look that adds panache to your space. Choose anything from silver, brushed gold, copper, and solid colors. 

2. Matte for a stylish & sophisticated look

Create an elegant look with a less reflective surface that gives pristine look and is easy to maintain.

3. Gloss for a bright & chic look

The mirror-like reflective surface adds brightness thus making space appear bigger and brighter. 

4. PVC for a decorative look

Durable and easy to maintain, these are Immensely popular for areas that are exposed to moisture like kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. 


Renovating or designing a bedroom is a crucial process as it represents your personality. Along with the decorative laminates for the interiors, STAR LAMINATES also gives you exclusive door laminate designs in India. Based in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, STAR Laminates is one of the leading manufacturers of decorative laminate sheets

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