Understanding The Decorative Laminate Industry

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Sep, 21 2019
Producing Decorative Laminates is an art that requires deep insight in the field of the living spaces, of the changing trends and tastes of people. Star Laminates believes in and has the forte of clever functionality, innovative ideas with modern technology and smart designing. 

The process involves the manufacturing of a material with multiple layers to attain a certain strength, stability, sound insulation and a delegate appearance. The material used for laminates are the layers bonded together and also depends on the process of creating laminate is known as lamination. Laminate is a permanently bonded object created by using heat, pressure, welding, and gluing . Generally a lamination is created by the combination of kraft paper, melamine, phenol resins and high quality print paper. It is a fusion of paper and resins that makes a laminate beautiful. 

There are a vast variety of colors , prints and textures to suit the ambience and the need of the choice. With an innovative mind and creative ideas one create beautiful and original looking texture such precious stones. Star laminates is a brand that introduced the quality of perfection over the years and to deliver on the demands of the client. Star laminate offers a wide range of variety in laminates of the finest quality. They manufacture liner grade, door skin, .8mm & 1mm decorative laminate sheets etc. 

Despite being relatively a newcomer in the industry, they’ve carved out a name for themselves and are giving the top 3 laminate brands a run for their money. Spearheaded by individuals who have an experience of more than two decades, Star Laminates has built a reputation of manufacturing the best and a highest quality laminates in no time. 

With state-of-the-art manufacturing, top-notch manpower resources and dynamic leadership, Star Laminates is fast gaining ground to become India’s top manufacturer of laminates. The industry is growing at  a CAGR of 4.83% with the organised sector growing faster than the unorganised one. The scope of growth is phenomenal and Star Laminates with their focus on R&D to come up with innovative & path breaking products is bound to catapult them into the front. 

The customers who have used their products vouch for their quality and the styles and textures. They are loyal to the brand which is the most crucial for any company’s growth. Star Laminates has its eyes set on being the largest manufacturer of laminates in India. With loyal clientele, perseverance in the new product development side of things, focus on quality the day isn't far off when its objective of being the numero uno in Laminate Industry will be REAL-ISED .

In the words of Mr Sumit Mangal, Director - Star Laminates, “We have our goal set which is to be at the top of the podium, we will keep at putting in honest hard work. When we hit a plateau on our growth curve, we will introspect, innovate our products and procedures. I am sure we will get there sooner than planned because at Star we like to surprise ourselves.”