Check out which is better VENEER DOORS OR LAMINATE DOORS

pubslished on
Apr, 22 2021

We all want to add touch of warmth and earthiness in our spaces and nothing can be more rustic than the wood. As much as we think we know about wood, there is too much variety in market that can confuse the customers in terms of what fits best their need and budget. 

Wood is one of the most expensive choice so most of the people look for laminates and veneers, as they look like wood but don’t cost like it. Owing to their variety in design as well as cost, Laminates and Veneers are the most rampant options as finishing materials for flush doors made of plywood, MDF, or particle-board. 

First, let’s understand the structural difference:

Laminate is made of flat paper and plastic resins pressed under high pressure while Veneers encompass thin layers of wood pressed on a plywood base. Clearly Laminate is artificial material thus designs and variety is endless. However, Veneers are made from natural wood thus the look and variety are same as of natural wood.


Laminate doors are easy to maintain as they come with scratch/stain-resistance, water-proof and decay-proof qualities. On the other hand, Veneer may require time-to-time polishing to keep up the glossy look and increase endurance.


Laminate offers more variety in terms of colors and designs even the fabric. marble or stone effect can be mimicked using textured laminates. 

Veneers are basically natural wood that brings in a rustic experience but with limited choice in color and appearance. Laminate gives more consistency in appearance, the grain patterns in Veneer can vary for obvious reasons. So, if you are not looking for something chic and trendy, Laminate can be a good choice. For those who want the real organic natural look, would like Veneer more.


Laminate offers variety and easy maintenance; Veneer is natural wood with the real earthen feeling. Depending on what value/quality you are looking for you must invest in Laminate or Veener to get value for money. Though the price can vary in both categories depending on the quality of the product, most of the time Veneer can be slightly on the higher side as compared to Laminates. 

Laminate and Veener, both have their Pros and Cons, making it hard for the customer to choose which is better. These key points are important to keep in mind before choosing. Ultimately, it’s the choice between elite-real and chic-artificial.

Always remember to compare the key values of both the products and see which suits your requirements in the best possible manner. STAR LAMINATES being one of the best laminates supplier with unmatched quality control offers the finest quality of  laminates when it comes to durability and variety. Always buy from the trusted brand when it comes to decorating your dream space.