What All to Look for While Buying Laminates for Home

pubslished on
Jun, 01 2023

When selecting laminate from the top laminate distributor in India, it is recommended to opt for high-pressure laminates that possess heat and flame resistance as well as anti-bacterial properties to enhance hygiene. Laminates with smoke and heat resistance are not prone to catching fire. When designing your ideal home, the kitchen cabinet becomes a focal point that attracts everyone's attention. Incorporating a modern design for kitchen cabinetry adds an aesthetic touch to the overall decor. Many individuals opt for high-quality laminates to enhance the appearance of their kitchens.

Numerous laminate designs, textures, patterns, and styles can be customized to suit your kitchen setup. One of the key advantages of using laminates is the wide range of colors available for kitchen decor. You have the freedom to select different laminate colors that complement the overall design of your living space that too as per your choice. Laminate suppliers provide us with some valuable insights into the most popular laminates used for kitchen cabinets. Without any further delay, take a look at some features that you must look for while selecting your home laminates for the areas you wish for embellishing in your home.

Selecting the Ideal Home Laminates As Per Features

1.      Choosing the right laminate colour is of the very first and important steps. Choosing the perfect laminate colors for your kitchen cabinetry is crucial in creating an aesthetically appealing living space. It's important to consider that a striking dark red shade that caught your eye in your neighbor's spacious modular kitchen may not suit your smaller modular kitchen setup. Therefore, it's essential to select laminate colors that complement each other. Remember that white and light colors can create a sense of spaciousness and brightness in your area.

  1. Opt for high-pressure laminates for better durability. High-pressure laminates are a preferable choice as they are more durable than low-pressure laminates and adhere perfectly to the surface. In the kitchen, it's essential to consider features like moisture and heat absorption. However, it's not advisable to use high-pressure laminates excessively in the kitchen, as they can cause dampness. The recommended thickness ranges from 0.7 mm to 1.2 mm. High-pressure laminates work best for U-shaped modular kitchen setups.
  2. Choose laminates with anti-bacterial and flame-resistant properties. When choosing laminates, it is important to verify that they possess heat and flame resistance capabilities, as well as anti-bacterial properties to uphold superior hygiene standards. Laminates that are resistant to smoke and heat are less likely to catch fire.
  3. Consider edge banding laminates for your kitchen. Most kitchen cabinets feature edge banding, where thin laminate material covers the corners and edges. The edge banding serves as a protective barrier against humidity and dampness. It's important to match the thickness and color of the laminate sheet with the cabinet's surfaces. Make sure your kitchen cabinet designers install these decorative laminates sheets meticulously, paying attention to clean and neat finishes on the edges and corners of your kitchen.