Why Use Laminates Sheets to Embellish Kitchen Countertops

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Sep, 20 2022

When we talk of laminates today, they come in a plethora of designs, colours, textures, and finishes. You can use them to enhance the look of any home nook from the living room to the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen, that too without having to spend a fortune in the process. Just like quartz, the laminates today are scratch and heat-resistant.

With their versatility and numerous properties, these laminates make an ideal solution for almost every household. If you plan to spruce up your kitchen, we are sharing why laminate sheets make a perfect pick for your kitchen countertops.


Your kitchen countertop is quite prone to regular wear and tear because of accidental spills, chopping, grinding, or even placing piping hot utensils over a countertop.  All these results in damage to the surface material used. Decorative Laminate Sheets countertops offer a smooth layered structure which makes them highly tolerable to high heat impacts.  If you use materials like tiles or marbles instead, they tend to chip and crack if regularly exposed to such conditions over an extended period of time.

Heat Resistant

As already talked about star mica laminates can withstand high temperatures. They are just as good as granites when talking about heat resistance, making them a perfect and durable kitchen countertop surfacing solution.

Impact Resistant

When we talk about stone countertops then they are very susceptible to cracks in case of accidental falls of heavy items or can even get chipped off. Even the most desirable granite and quartz are not really impact-resistant in a desirable way. If you, any kitchen servant, any family member, or kids,  drop heavy utensils on your countertop, then it can lead to pretty undesirable consequences. You can save the situation by making use of Star Mica laminates from the top laminate manufacturers. They will take quite a lot of beating and still last long.

Germs -Resistant

When you choose premium laminates from the best laminate brand in India, you won’t have to worry about the growth of disease-causing bacteria. Laminate sheets for kitchen countertops these days are manufactured to perfection with antibacterial, antifungal, and antivirus properties. That’s just not all; even the installation is also done in a manner that leaves no gaps and spaces in the placements. This is why Star laminate sheets make the go-to option for high-traffic areas such as kitchens where hygiene is of utmost importance.

Easy Maintenance

In the kitchen, there are several other concerns as well- Sudden or accidental oil spills, food spillage, and coffee or tea ring stains that can leave an impression on countertops, which is very difficult to undo. This is exactly where the best laminate brands can come to your rescue. You don’t need to invest your time in futile things like scrubbing laminate countertops, as they are super easy to clean with a damp cloth. But remember, immediate cleaning is necessary, as tough stains if left untreated for an extended time, can be pretty hard to clean, regardless of the surface.


Lastly, you can’t miss the exceptional dimensional stability that Star Laminates offer. Being engineered to perfection with intense care, they can easily handle expansion and contraction. All the laminate sheets are ideal to withstand all climates and environments.

Final Words

When looking for surface solutions for your countertops in kitchens, laminate sheets are certainly a perfect solution that makes an economical choice. Create countertops that you have always desired by getting quality Star Mica laminate sheets from the best laminate brands. If you are looking for options that will seamlessly complement contemporary design sensibilities, you cannot go wrong with Star Laminates. Choose from the extensive selection of premium quality laminate sheets in an extensive array of designs and colours that can make any space in residential & commercial spaces come alive.