Surety of Beauty



Liner Grade Laminates are used as an overlay on the inner or backside of the furniture. These sheets are thinner than decorative laminate and hence they cost less.

Before the advent of Liner Grade Laminates, the inner part of the furniture was kept natural or was painted. Painting or leaving the surfaces as were used to affect the stuff kept there as the surfaces without Liner Grade were prone to Fungus, Borer & Termite attacks. Liner Grade Laminates by Star Laminates don't just make your woodwork look good on the inside but also protect it. Our Liner Grades are cost-effective, durable, and are available in different textures and colors.

Star Laminates is known in the Industry for its top-quality products and our Liner Grade Laminates are no different. Our Liner Laminates are the best option for both commercial and domestic applications when it comes to the inside layers of cabinetry such as shelves and cupboards, drawers. They are also used as the undersides of furniture, benchtops, tabletops, and desktops. These laminates give a very neat and clean look to the insides of your cabinets or wardrobe. Also, using Liner Grade Laminates does away with the need for interiors painting, polishing, finishing, and continuous maintenance.

Our Liner Grade Laminates are water resistant, abrasion-resistant, and scratch-resistant and give decorative look to furniture.