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Yamuna Nagar, Asia’s biggest plywood hub today was till the end of 80s was a sleep little city. The livelihood of people living in it came from a Sugar Mill, a big Paper Mill run by the Thapar group and several small Steel & Brass utensils units. 

Back in the pre-independence times running upto the 80s, rivers were used as a way to transport logs felled up in the hills. This city is at the foothills and close to the banks of Yamuna (hence the name Yamuna Nagar). As a result it had a lot of saw mills which dwelled on the readily available timber. 

The Paper Mill in Yamuna Nagar used inferior woods and agri waste as raw material and started using pulp wood from Eucalyptus trees instead.  This encouraged farmers to plant Eucalyptus on a large scale. This is a raw material used for plywood too. A few people running saw mills set up Plywood units in the 80s. So, Yamuna Nagar had all things required to be the plywood and decorative laminate capital of India.

The final push came as the judgement of the honourable Supreme Court which ordered the closure of all plywood and veneer units in the NORTH EAST. Plywood Units sprung up all around the main city of Yamuna Nagar. 

The buoyant Lakkad Mandi, industrial culture, availability of raw materials, liberal policies of the state government led to the concentration of the wood-based industry in Yamuna Nagar. There are so many people who were the key players & were instrumental in taking the plywood and laminate industry in Yamuna Nagar to where it is. Mr Sumit Mangal features quite high omg that list. He as the Chief Executive of a plywood unit took it to the number one plywood manufacturing facility in Yamuna Nagar from amongst 570 operational ones.

In 2015 when he decided to start his own venture, Star Laminates Pvt Ltd., he had close to two decades of rich experience, knowledge of the nuances of the wood-based industry, an indomitable spirit and a dream to be the number one one more time. He is a man who chases his dreams passionately and the outcome was as everyone expected. Star Laminates celebrated its 6th anniversary on the 27th August 2012. In these 6 years, Star Laminates Pvt Ltd has overtaken all the laminate units in Yamuna Nagar, even the ones with over thrice as many years in the business. Star Laminates is the best Laminate manufacturer in Yamuna Nagar - best in quality, best when it comes to professionalism, best in brand value.

Star Laminates doesn't and has not ever rested on the laurels. The eyes are set on the goal of being the best Laminate manufacturer in India.