7 Inspiring Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Colours

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Jul, 10 2023

The appearance and ambience of the space are largely influenced by the kitchen cabinets as they occupy a significant portion of the wall space. As a result, opting for laminates for kitchen cabinets in contrasting colours not only infuses vibrant hues but also brings depth and excitement to the overall decor. To enliven your kitchen and introduce captivating colours to the cabinets, explore these seven ideas to add colour to your kitchen cabinets and enhance the overall appeal of your space

  1. Embrace a Two-Toned Aesthetic: Choose a darker colour for the base cabinets and a lighter shade for the upper cabinets to create a two-toned effect. This contrast provides your kitchen a lively, dynamic atmosphere in addition to adding depth.
  2. Mix and Match Colours: Introduce contrasting colours not only on your cabinets but also on the flooring and backsplash to elevate the design of your kitchen. By creatively combining two or more colours in the right proportion, you can create a well-designed space without overwhelming the senses. Experiment with different coloured drawers, alternate hues on the cabinets, or add pops of colour strategically.
  3. Contrast Colours on Open Shelves: For your kitchen cabinets, pick neutral hues like white, beige, off-white, or grey, and use a contrasting colour for the backs of your open shelves. For a splash of colour and visual interest, you can even add patterns by utilising patterned laminates or wallpaper.
  4. Introduce Contrasting Textures: Textures can add depth and personality to your kitchen design. Combine neutral tones with bold textural accents in contrasting colours on your cabinets. Textured laminates offer a wide range of designs that mimic natural materials like wood, suede, silk, and natural stone. Consider using matte finish laminates for base cabinets to minimize stain visibility and glossy finish laminates for overhead cabinets, as they reflect light and create an illusion of a more spacious kitchen.
  5. Accentuate the Kitchen Island: Make the island the focal point of a big kitchen with a central island by painting the island cabinets a contrasting colour while keeping the other cabinets in neutral tones. To make the island stand out, think about using laminates with high-end finishes like acrylic.
  6. Incorporate Colour Blocking: Colour blocking is a useful method for adding excitement and drama to your kitchen decor. To create a striking and eye-catching design, combine various solid colour panels. You can create a visually arresting design by putting colour blocks on your cabinets in a smart manner.
  7. Create a Retro Vibe: Choose sweet colours or pastel tones for your kitchen cabinetry for a nostalgic look. To intensify the nostalgic atmosphere, combine them with a colourful backsplash, strikingly patterned carpeting, retro accessories and flatware, as well as antique light fixtures and hardware.

By implementing these interesting seven ideas, you can transform your kitchen cabinets into captivating elements that breathe life and personality into your kitchen space.